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How it works

Register and invite your co-workers

Invite people from your company and assign them roles within the subscription.

Upload documents and files platform

Add content on a specific topic that will be the basis of the chat conversation.

Ask the GPT-powered chat

The data entered into the system will be analyzed by the AskQube engine, which will provide content to your requests using AI.


Internal Knowledge Base

Enrich ChatGPT with your knowledge. Upload documents, presentations, links, and various resources into a centralized location, enabling ChatGPT to leverage this knowledge during conversations and provide accurate answers.

Structured areas

Organize your knowledge by areas such as Marketing, Finance, Technology. Add tags and easily find the information you need.

Collaborating with permissions

Assign roles and access rights for your collaborators. Manage who can add, edit, and utilize internal knowledge.

ChatGPT on Internal Data

Engage with ChatGPT on topics contained within your company’s documents. Receive quick and precise answers without the need to search through documentation

Private Spaces

Create private spaces for your information that are not shared with the rest of the organization. Maintain full control over access to these data.

Integration and Multilingual Support

Connect AskQube with other company systems, such as CRM, PIM, and ecommerce. Add knowledge from these systems. We support various languages and language models for versatile applications.

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  • 100 questions monthly
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  • unlimited files
  • 5 GB data storage
  • 2000 questions monthly
  • Exclusive Support
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  • unlimited files
  • 10GB data storage
  • 4000 questions monthly
  • Exclusive support
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Use Cases

Finding informations

AskQube significantly streamlines the process of searching for information and documents within the company. With this platform, employees can quickly and accurately locate the data they need, expediting decision-making processes and enhancing work efficiency. There’s no need to waste time sifting through multiple sources; everything is accessible in one place.

Easy document creation

AskQube enables employees to create documents, such as customer offers, based on the company’s internal knowledge. Integrated tools allow for generating content that aligns with corporate standards, ensuring document consistency and quality. This saves time and guarantees professionalism in customer communication.

High-Level Customer Support

AskQube becomes an invaluable tool in customer support. By training ChatGPT with the company’s internal knowledge, the company can provide immediate and accurate responses to customer inquiries. This increases customer satisfaction, reduces response times, and creates a positive impression on customers.


To upload documents to AskQube, log in to your account, go to the “Upload” section, and follow the prompts to add your files. You can also integrate with cloud storage services like Google Drive or One Drive for seamless access to your documents.

AskQube supports a wide range of file types, including PDFs, DOCX, presentations, web links, video links, and even plain text. You can upload virtually any document format that contains information you want to access.

You can categorize and tag your documents during the uploading process. Just assign them to relevant categories (e.g., Marketing, Finance) and add descriptive tags for easy organization and retrieval.

Yes, you can. AskQube allows you to add team members and assign them roles with access to specific document categories. You have full control over who can access which areas.

AskQube “teaches” ChatGPT by processing the uploaded documents and extracting valuable information. ChatGPT learns from this data, allowing it to provide accurate responses based on your internal knowledge.

Yes, you can create private spaces for your confidential data. These spaces are not shared with the rest of the organization, ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Yes, AskQube has a global reach and supports multiple languages. While English is available, we plan to add more languages in the future to cater to diverse user needs.

Absolutely. AskQube offers integration capabilities, allowing you to connect with various company systems, including CRM, PIM, ecommerce, and Google Analytics through tools like Zapier. This enables the incorporation of knowledge from these systems.

Yes, aside from OpenAI, AskQube supports various language models like LAMA, APEX, and Bard. You can even use multiple models simultaneously, allowing users to choose the best conversations for their tasks.

Yes, we offer a free account with limited features to get you started. For more advanced capabilities and additional team members, we also provide premium subscription plans.

Ensuring the safety of your information is paramount to us. We employ encryption methods to safeguard your data, which is never utilized for AI model training purposes. Rest assured, we implement all essential precautions to maintain the security and confidentiality of your data.

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